Projects & Sourcing

In today’s developing world, the CCTV cameras became integral part of every innovative infrastructure. With this understanding, we have developed deep knowledge in integration and design of complex IT networks, combining the surveillance aspect with the complementary IT-infrastructure.

Over the last few years, T-TECH has participated at multiple projects from a broad range of market industries. Our goal is to be our client's one-stop-shop, by providing them comprehensive services, specializing in integration to the ICT sector.

With this goal in mind, T-TECH has developed a set of capabilities in the project management sector, which includes network optimization, technical and product design, OEM services, integration to existing infrastructure, etc.

T-TECH collaborates with the industry's top-leading vendors and offers broad range of products includes servers, network appliances, routers, networking devices, telephony PBXs, VoIP phones, CCTV and surveillance equipment (cameras, DVR/NVR/HVR).

Turn-key projects:

T-TECH also operates as an Integration Company and "Turn-key" project management.

Our all-inclusive service as project managers includes vast array of expertise and customer-services, ranging from technical consultancy and design services to sourcing and supply of quality hardware with full support, installation and maintenance services.

From SOHO environments to complex core networks, data-centers and IT-infrastructures, we will identify and implement the accurate combination of hardware, software and service that will correspond with your specific requirements.

For more information regarding our services as a "turn-key projects", feel free to contact us!

Sourcing agent services:

As part of our whole "Turn-key projects" strategy, T-TECH has nurtured strong connections with global companies and suppliers, allowing us to equip our clients with broad range of quality hardware.

Our clients benefits from quality hardware of the leading vendors in the CCTV and ICT industries at very competitive market prices (Hawaii,HPE, Cisco, Mitel, Yealink, Grandstream, Ericsson, Nexcom, IBM and more).

Whether you want to integrate, upgrade or expend your network infrastructure, T-TECH team will provide you with an efficient solution, supplying you with broad range of advanced products, ranging from peripheral network equipment to core network innovative products.

Among our product portfolio families, you could find network switches, core routers, industrial servers, telephony systems, VoIP phones, access control systems, and more.

Please contact us for more information about our product portfolio and quotations.