• 98" LED Interactive Board


    1.The Interactive Whiteboard is designed with intelligent touch screen All-in-One,
    Integrated Touch screen, Intelligent TV, android system with industrial grade of PC. Panel can be removed and
    maintained from the front, Each module can be disassembled independently, avoid the whole machine removal and
    2. With Aluminium Frame, Surface brushed and anodized. four corners on Front frame with a circular arc design and with
    4mm Tempered glass.
    3.All Metal back Shell, Anti-corrosion design, high reliability; The machine has anti-salt spray characteristics
    4.The front buttons and front interface are designed for easy operation and avoid the inability to operate after the
    5.Designed with Ultra-narrow brushed face frame, Ultra Slim frame
    6. No less than 7 functional buttons on the front panel
    7.One Key Switch On/Off the monitor and PC in the front(Also with remote control)
    8. With the Function of One Key Switch Off the Screen in front, Save energy when the Whiteboard is not used
    temporarily, at the same time, it can extends its life.
    9.One Key Android Home Page Button in the front:Convenient Operation for the teachers to switch from Windows
    System to Android System
    10. Extension Ports in the front: 1*PC-USB / 1*TV-USB / 1*HDMI /1*TOUCH-USB Interface, Convenient for the
    teachers to use in the class.
    11.PC with Push-Pull Design, 80 pins Industrial Grade OPS PC, there is no external cables, easy for the daily use and
    12. Control Design: Under any channel, Support function of touch gestures to call the central control convenient menu,
    And menu retrieval and the operation touch speed of each function is less than 1s, No delay in response,with Return
    operation, One-click back to Home page, Task preview, Menu Settings, Volume up and down, brightness adjustment,
    One-key whiteboard, full channel screen annotations, Screen shots
    13.Remote Control Function: With TV remote control function And the computer keyboard commonly used shortcut
    button combination function F1 - F12 and ALT + Tab, Space, ALT + F4, Convenient for classroom teaching control,
    Support PPT courseware page turning function, Able to remotely turn pages up and down for easy teaching;
    14.Document presentation function: No need to depend on PC, with the function to read the presentation and common
    documents In PC-free mode, Automatically classify courseware files read by TV Multimedia USB, with the ability to
    quickly sort, Find office documents, music, videos, pictures, etc.
    15.Whiteboard function: under any channel, Electronic whiteboard function is available without relying on PC, easy to
    use. With the functions to change or Erase brush color or background color and etc.
    16. Signal switching: Touch signal switching menu can be called up via touch screen gesture, Front button and remote
    control, easy to use. Other signal channels can be previewed under Android system. Corresponding signal source can be
    switched by double-click. It is Convenient for teachers to quickly switch signal channels to improve teaching efficiency in
    Android system.
    17.Smart Eye protection function: When touching on the screen, the screen is automatically dimmed.It can Effectively
    protects the vision of teachers and students while enhancing energy-saving function. The function Can be manually turned
    on or off;
    4 / 518.One Key energy saving function: The function of One-Key switch off backlight is available, It is energy saving. The
    function of Waking up backlight by touch anywhere on the screen is available. It can help to save More than 70% energy
    in standby mode. The Interactive Whiteboard can be waked up immediately by touch of the screen. It facilitate the teacher
    and improve the teaching efficiency.
    19. Temperature monitoring and Early warning function: Always detect system temperature and alert with color;
    20.External channel signal automatic identification function: When the external HDMI signal or VGA signal is connected
    to whiteboard, it will automatically switch to the corresponding signal and display the signal
    21.Automatic wake-up function: When there is no input signal, it will switch to Standby mode; When there is HDMI or
    VGA input signals, the screen can be automatically waked up and corresponding signals will be displayed.
    22.Children lock function: The digital password can be used to lock/unlock touch operations and button usage through the
    remote control; In this way, the teacher's teaching content is protected effectively, free from destroyed;
    23.USB Flash Disk lock function: To ensure the product safety, The interactive whiteboard can be encrypted and
    controlled via access of any USB Flash Disk through the Android USB interface. Teacher can encrypt and decode by
    plugging and unplugging a USB Flash Disk, So that teacher can operate and control it safely
    24.One front side USB interface can be read both under Windows and Android system, no need to distinguish.